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How is The Table Company different from other sellers?

We sell ONLY what we make and only use solid hardwoods. Our premium furniture is handmade, we do not order from China or Vietnam. Additionally, our ability to directly source sustainable solid hardwoods while the trees are still standing, and then handcraft a wide variety of timeless designs without the use of veneer, plywood and other synthetics, is also what makes us truly unique.

Having direct control over production and distribution allows us to eliminate several layers of middle agents, ensuring the highest quality at an honest and fair price. As a family-owned boutique furniture company, we take great pride in our choice of materials, production process, and consumer support. Please view America’s Best Tables to learn more about our Consumer-Centered operations, quality Materials & Craftsmanship, and our commitment to Sustainability Is Now.

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Our Table Collections

Tops & Bottoms

"Tops & Bottoms" offers customizable 2” solid Teak and Oak hardwood tables, no veneer. Choose your size, pick from 15 leg styles, and select from two tabletop textures and edge choices: Live Edge or Mission. Finish it off with a range of color stain options.


Table designs have evolved over hundreds of years and The Table Company offers a broad collection of designs. Ranging from Farm House to Mid Century to Modern and Contemporary, you may select a size and customize surface texture and final stain color.

Live Edge Tables

Preserving the natural beauty of the forest, our Live Edge tables showcase the unique character of teak trees. With their straight and tall growth, teak Live Edge tables boast gentle and subtle flows that captivate the eye. Hand-sanded and fully finished to remove any remaining bark, these tabletops are among our most sought-after pieces, celebrating the raw beauty of nature in every detail.

Accent Tables

Our Accent tables beautifully extend the design, craftsmanship, and finish of our dining table lines. Whether you're searching for the perfect coffee table, console table, or side table, our collection offers a diverse array of designs, textures, and stains to choose from. Crafted from 100% solid teak or oak, with no veneer or synthetic products, each piece is makes a unique statement, enhancing both the style and functionality of your space.

Limited Edition and Slabs

Each tree and its slabs are unique, with variations in size, grain design, and color; our finishing process highlights their natural beauty. Whether cut to your desired size or left with the natural Live Edge, each piece stands out for its individuality. Let's discuss your needs—whether for a dining room or conference room table—and we'll ensure it's tailored to your specifications.