About Us

Who we are

The Table Company is a US-owned furniture maker that designs and builds hand-crafted, solid hardwood tables and sells them at a fair and honest price; we make what we sell. Our work is offered "factory-direct" and through a small group of carefully curated distributors.  We pride ourselves on offering Personalized service. Our furniture is made in Northern Thailand where the tradition of hand-made furniture lives on as both a craft and a trade; our monthly production is limited.

We specialize in all types of residential tables. We began with dining rooms and now offer a robust selection of coffee, side, and console designs. Our dining tables are offered in three categories:

  • Design Classics – Our interpretation of timeless and popular classic table designs
  • Build Your Table – Where you can customize your table and select from many leg styles
  • Limited Editions & Slabs -- An eclectic mix of extraordinary, one-of-a-kind tables and

Commitment to Sustainability

Most of our wood is locally sourced from legally structured and sustainable forest management projects. We literally purchase our wood, mostly Thai/Burmese Teak and Siam Chamcha (a species of Acacia), directly from local farmers and forest management programs, mill it to our specifications, transform it into furniture, and deliver it to your home. Only our North American Red and White Oak is imported. We replace what we take -- we sponsor tree-planting programs in remote mountain villages where illegal clear-cutting has resulted in erosion and environmental decay. We take our environmental and ethical footprint, as well as our community involvement, seriously. Whether we are planting trees or building a new drinking water system for an elementary school, we want to give more than we take.


The Table Company employs traditional, handcrafting techniques to build and finish each of our tables. No automated mass production, robotics, or CNC. Our techniques require substantially more handwork than the fashion-furniture products produced in the highly automated factories of China and Vietnam. We never use veneers or synthetic producrrts and believe the result is a more desirable and durable table, a solid hardwood table with hand-fitted joinery that will last for generations.

Our selection of finishing options, which include three surface textures and more than six colors, are painstakingly hand-applied using a 10-step process. No automated spray booths and conveyors; and we use environmentally safe FDA-approved finishing products. With our attention to detail, we are literally on the factory floor every day – our founders live in Thailand and are committed to ensuring that each piece exceeds your expectations for high-quality, long-lasting furniture -- at a great price.

Why us

Integrity and Accountability. These two words define our approach to life, as well as to making furniture, working with our clients, and supporting our local community.

  • We only use 100% solid hardwood materials that are meticulously kiln dried; we do not use synthetic alternatives or veneers;
  • Our tables are individually hand-crafted, our production is limited;
  • We offer many customization options with respect to size, texture, color, and even a large selection of table leg options;

Each piece is inspected many times, by several QC teams, who are overseen by our American and Dutch founders who are on the factory floor nearly every day.
We offer a generous 30-day return policy and, even after those first 30 days, we will continue to stand behind our work in a fair and transparent manner. We also offer several delivery options, including a White Glove service for inside your home (when health-safety policies allow).

Design the Table You Want . . . for your individual space

Every home and space is different, there is no one size that fits all.  The Table Company offers a broad range of customizable options, allowing you to order the table you actually want.  Because customization is our business model, you can create a table from scratch (Tops & Bottoms) or modify our Classic Collections.  We offer several wood species, surface textures, and colors, and you can even select an edge design or specify your table thickness; you are welcome to call with a special-order inquiry.  

Legs are especially important, and our Tops & Bottoms collection offers more than 15 different designs.  In fact, you can change the look of your space by changing your table legs whenever the mood strikes.  Use our computer modeling tool in the Tops & Bottoms section to rotate the legs 360 degrees and see them from different angles.  Please note that some wooden legs may have an additional cost.  

Reach out to our Client Support Team.  Authentic wood will have naturally occurring irregularities, as well as color and grain variations, our team will be happy to answer your questions and support you in selecting or creating the table that best fits your needs and home décor. 

Our Pricing Advantage

Our pricing advantage begins when we source our wood – directly from the farm or forest.  We then cut and dry the wood to our specifications and make the furniture.  We pass these pricing benefits on to you in the form of superior materials and quality craftsmanship at an attractive price.  

Generally, we target a 20% - 30% savings when compared against similar designs in larger stores -- which are frequently made from lesser quality materials.  When all is said and done, you will have a generational, heirloom-quality possession that you, your family, and friends will enjoy for years to come.  You will also have a table that was individually made for you.  And you will have 100% solid wood!

It has often been said that “The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of Low Price is Forgotten”.  Allow The Table Company to show you that honest quality at a fair price is still possible.

Quality Materials -- Value Without Compromise

At The Table Company, we use only kiln-dried, solid hardwoods such as Thai/Burmese Teak, North American Red and White Oak, Chamcha (Siam Acacia), and Siam Rosewood (on a limited basis); many of these species grow locally and are treasured throughout the world.  We don’t use veneers, MDF, or the other synthetics that are increasingly found in the furniture of some expensive, big-name retailers.

Hardwoods are more durable and expensive than composite substitutes, and the wood requires greater preparation, labor, and skill with respect to joinery and finishing.  We go to great lengths to ensure that your table will not split or warp once in your home; all wood is kiln dried and each piece is fully finished and sealed before leaving our factory.  Some designs feature a secretly embedded steel bar (under the table) to ensure stability over the long term.  

Natural wood can react to humidity, sunlight, heat, and cold until fully acclimated to your environment.  Wood is an organic product with naturally occurring irregularities such as color, grain patterns, knots, and small cracks.  Even with all the preparation and care we give each piece; we cannot unconditionally promise that your piece will never develop a flaw.  Some “blemishes” and “irregularities” are part of the natural characteristics of the solid wood and can be attractive, others perhaps not so much.   

If a problem develops or you are not satisfied please call, we will do what we can to make it right.

Bespoke, Hand-Crafted Construction

Many of our tables are individually built to order.  From the earliest stage of wood selection and kiln drying, through the edging and joining and finishing of each board, very little of our process is automated.  Our furniture is made, much as it has been made for decades.  Power tools assist, but our machines are not robotic and require skilled craftsmen.  In Thailand, women play a big role in furniture construction.  Whether sorting, matching, and preparing boards for a great esthetic, or supervising details of sanding and finishing, women are valued for a keen eye and attention to detail.

Your selection of finishing options, which include three surface textures and more than six colors, are painstakingly hand-applied using a 10-step process that features environmentally safe, FDA-approved finishing products. 

Our focus on Bespoke Customization means that our monthly production is limited, and we may find ourselves back ordered from time to time.  Our wood is generally acquired more than six months in advance of our actual needs – the time is necessary to ensure proper cutting, drying, and preparation. Some of our better-known competitors will sell many more tables in a month than we will in a year; their production speed and costs are enhanced by automation, and their use of less expensive engineered woods (plywood), synthetic woods (MDF), and veneers.

Wood Is Organic

Solid hardwood is an organic living material, even after it is cut and transformed into a beautiful piece of furniture. Solid wood furniture requires care and can be sensitive to direct sunlight, excessive humidity or dryness, or simply a lack of basic care. We go to great lengths to ensure that our tables do not split, warp or twist; our finishing techniques completely seal each table and, in some of our designs, we embed a hidden steel bar under the table to mitigate twisting, warping, cupping and other such movement in the wood.

Natural finishing and coloring techniques expose the grain and texture of each table, making each piece a unique, living piece of art.

Personalized Service

We want your online shopping experience to be easy and comfortable.  While some tables are available for quick delivery, many of our tables are built to order.  A custom order that is built to your specifications may delay delivery, but it also ensures that you receive exactly what you want – we will provide time estimates at the time of your order and keep you informed along the way.  

We offer assistance and transparency at every step of the process.  From our Design and Client-Service teams to our shipping and delivery partners, we will offer you quick responses to support you in making the best decision.  Returns are also easy, you can return your table within 30 days of delivery and we will pay the shipping costs for most items – both ways. 

We are available during normal business hours, but we are often monitoring calls and emails late into the night.  We are committed to exceeding your expectations at a fair and honest price. 

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Trade Inquiries

The Table Company supports individual and wholesale clientele, email or call us with your questions!