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71x40 Acacia Mission Limited Edition Slab Table in Smooth Dark Chocolate
Acacia Criss Cross Metal Leg in Black

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70x40 Smooth Dark Chocolate Finish with 4 Square Sawn Edges

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    • The table stands 30" in height.
    • We are one of the few commercial companies that build our furniture with 100% solid Siam Acacia

    • Each table is hand-finished using a multi-step coloring and application process revealing a one-of-a-kind polychrome finish.

    • Our patented cross-technology means that tables are easy to assemble.
    • We pride ourselves on the loving attention we give to each piece from our experienced craftsmen.
    • This one-of-a-kind slab is sold exactly as photographed.


    * top dimensions may vary +/- .5"

    Assembly Instructions

    Need To Know

    The Table Company makes only 100% solid, hardwood furniture.  We primarily use Thai/Burmese Teak, North American Red and White Oak, and old-growth Cham-Cha (Siam Acacia).  Unlike many mass-market manufacturers and retailers, our furniture is made only from the hardwoods we feature; we never use plywood, veneer, MDF, synthetics, or inexpensive fast-growing softwoods.  The term “solid wood”, frequently used by our competitors, does not guarantee 100% hardwood – plywood and pressed board is considered “solid wood”, as that term is increasingly used.  Do not confuse “solid wood” with the 100% solid hardwood used by TableCo, and other honest, high-end furniture makers. 

    Wood preparation is very important, all of our wood is kiln-dried to international furniture specifications. As a natural, organic product with naturally occurring irregularities such as color, grain patterns, and knots, solid wood will respond to changes in environmental conditions such as humidity and direct sunlight. Until your table acclimates to your environment, which can take 12 months (all four seasons), it’s possible that your table may experience modest shrinkage or expansion that you will probably never notice. Very thick slabs will require several years to fully acclimate – but they are generally very stable due to their size.

    Your table will have unique characteristics, such as grain, color variations, and natural irregularities. Distressed and Sandblasted finishes will have a rustic elegance and will feature small imperfections that make each piece unique. This should be expected with a natural product and we believe these variations are part of the charm. If you are not happy, however, we promise to work with you to resolve any issue you may have.

    Because our tables are handmade, using only 100% natural hardwoods, the exact final size and thickness of each table will differ. Lengths and widths will generally vary by less than 1” from the stated description. Thickness can vary by approximately ¼ inch depending on the wood and how it is being finished. The variance is the result of unique natural irregularities that may require special attention during the preparation and finishing process, as well as the different surface textures we offer.

    Return Policy

    The Table Company does not accept returns on custom dining slabs, which we refer to as ‘special-order items', found in the Limited Editions & Slabs collection. The fact of the matter is, a dining size slab is not easy to move, and therefore if returned, we reserve the right to chargeback the return shipping and handling expenses. Generally, 'special-order item' sales are final. Please view our return policy here.


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